The Story

We like to say we walk simply for pleasure or to maintain our health. Walking long distances can also be personally challenging. It might be a cliche but often just one small step leads to another, then another.... Pretty soon we are walking great distances for any number of reasons and we may not even remember why. That's why keeping a journal and capturing the many details is so important to us dedicated walkers.


Our primary organizer and leader for this Beyond Borders Walk, Loredana Delucchi, is a remarkable long distance walker, adventurer, writer and mystic among our group. She can tell her story better than we can. Inspired by the beauty of the trails and the finding of a Canadian Penny, she decided to walk to Canada and was joined by other Freewalkers with similar desires to keep exploring.


It was her inspiration to walk from New York City to Canada leading a small group along the East Coast Greenway in stages over the years. It's a story that tells of the simple pleasures, hard times, diversity and beauty of walking today's multipurpose trail systems that are open to everyone, if they just try. 


So, read the entire story or even a brief, fast-paced section filled with photos. You will soon discover some of the pleasures (and pain) of long-distance walking.  

The Return of the Canadian Penny


by Loredana Delucchi



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Or, read sections of the book below.

Part 3
Boston / Portland

Summer of 2017


Part 5
Belfast / St. Stephen

Spring of 2018
Summer 2018