Over the last seven years an intrepid group of walkers from the New York City area have slowly made their way to Canada ... walking, that is. It began as a simple personal challenge and grew to an obsession. The obsession took on new meaning when one walker, Lofredana Dellucchi, found a Canadian penny while walking.


Emersed in overcoming personal problems at the time, the penny offered her and others a direction and reason to keep walking and finding new experiences along the way. Read more about that experience in The Return of the Canadian Penny which we have available at this website.


In 2018, a group of three walkers finally completed a walk of over 600 miles from New York to Canada and were warmly greeted and celebrated by the mayor of St. Stehen, right over the border from Calais, Maine.


With our mutual affection for the mayor and all Canadian citizens we met, we discovered that the Coastal Link Trail was under development and was nearing completion. It seemed like a logical challenge to go "beyond borders" and continue our walk while encouraging others to join in our common experoence.


You will find all the information you need here to join with us for even a short distance as we have mapped out our route and approxximated where we will be during the week. There's no cost or committment necessary. Just become a part of a moving group of walkers going beyond our border.