We talk about borders mostly as barriers to experiencing something. Countries rely on borders to insure that a coveted way of life continues and grows. Borders are built to protect. Borders sometime get broken;  look no further than our current international crisis in Ukraine.


Borders can become artificial barriers to sharing pleasures and activities. Sometimes they are goals to be reached or obstacles to be surmounted.  Our dedicated walking group, the FreeWalkers, based in the Northeast U.S., has always had a respect for borders, mostly between towns, cities, counites, states and provinces. But there is no greater symbol of borders than between countries.


As in many cases, countries such as with the United States and Canada pursue similar goals independently. Then, as if by devine plan, we realize the commonality of our purpose and join efforts to create something bigger. Trail systems are such projects. 


The new Coastal Link Trail represents another expansion of the Trans Canada Trail system to reach the U.S border at the tip of Maine. Having walked hundreds of miles on the East Coast Greenway - from Key West, Florida to Calais, Maine - we saw the significance of this new trail in terms of joining projects, sharing the joy of walking and cycling a new trail, and the opportunity to meet and create friendships in spite of a border. By creating the Beyond Borders Walk, we hope to motivate others to join with us in sharing the awareness and benefits of walking in both countries.